Support the Artists

Though nearly all work related to the SCP Foundation is licensed under Creative Commons, and may be reproduced for free, the SCP Café Store feels that artists should profit from their works when others use them. Thus, participating artists can receive 15% of gross profits from sales of their work.

Additionally, artists who are also registered as affiliates receive an additional 10% of sales generated via their affiliate code.

To participate, you must be able to receive funds via Paypal or check ($1.00 will be subtracted from check payments to cover postage and handling), and must provide your vector artwork (.ai, .svg, or .eps preferred) to artists – at – Profit share payments and commissions are sent out monthly. If you receive over $600 in a calendar year via check, you will be issued a 1099-MISC form and will be responsible for declaring the income on your taxes. If you receive over $20,000 over at least 200 transactions via Paypal, you will receive a form 1099-K from Paypal (not us).