SCP Foundation Access Card (Customizable)


These badges are made of 30 mil PVC, the thickness of a credit card but with a bit more flexibility. These cards are not fully laminated but do have a clear overlay applied over the front during the print process. These are high-quality, professional-grade badges created with an industrial-grade, 300 DPI badge printer. The resulting cards look like a very authentic ID badge because they’re modeled on high-security ID badges and constructed of the same materials. I’m thrilled with how these turned out and I think you’ll really love them.

Use || to designate a line break. Max 2 lines, recommend no more than 30 characters per line. Use >> for angle quotes, and (DOT) for a centered dot.

The one in the example picture is 280×500, and can go as wide as 400×500. If the image is not at least that large, poor image quality may result.

(max file size 200 MB)

This will be entered EXACTLY as written, so if you want Last Name, First Name please write it as such.

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Additional information

Dimensions 3.4 × 2.1 in
Smart Card





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